Mortal Kombat Movie 2021

I see a lot of family talking about the want of certain things like the very tourney, to much basis on background for certain characters and other characters completely lost from the movie, characters not looking the same etc, as well as family saying they wish there had been more activity than only about 40-50% of Mortal Kombat Movie.
I just want to sharp end out to everyone that is not cognizant, that this is supposed to be the opening of a trilogy (Yes, I am one of those family that follows matter like that). Had they packed all of that into one movie it would have been surcharge.
I personally think it was an prime shrink! Prime emblem casting and individuality construction on everyone. I be fond of all the optic, Outworld and the fane on Terrestrial ball. As well as all the optic hints in the movie of coming duration emblem’s for those of us that are a little obsessive.
I like the harmony upgrades, they still have the have feeling of the primary and bear back memories with a little more contemporaneous vibe to keep it from sonorous dated. Intersection my fingers that this first installment does well enough so that the next installment goes ahead. The only understanding that I am worried that it may not is because of everything thats happened more than the past year, not because of the movie not being beneficial enough.
I personally loved this movie, as the first of a trilogy. If it were a rest on the feet alone I may be a little disappointed that certain special favorites *cough* Katana *cough* Nightwolf *cough* were not in it, however, I saw Katana’s leaf fan in the fane although it didn’t get a neon proof the way Shinnok’s protection did when Kano tried to purloin it, and one of the journal clippings on Sonya Leaf’s study wall acuminated to a potentiality for a coming duration Nightwolf to me. But between those hints and the big allude to (blazing neon proof really lol) at the end when Cabbage Young heads to Hollywood and as he foliage a movie broadside for Johnny Cage as Townsman Cage is left in sharp end of concentration of the camera exorcism out for some prime coming duration possibilities/probabilities. They would have had to hold other realms in this movie to twitch in characters like Katana and again, that probably would have been advice surcharge for  watch movies. They are taking their duration and doing this right and I for one appreciate it greatly!

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